Adapter USB - Ipod

Adapter kết nối USB - CD-UB100
Adapter kết nối USB - CD-UB100IP-Bus USB AdapterFeaturesThis adapter makes it easy to expand a listening library by connecting a head unit to a portable digital player or USB memory device to gain convenient access to digital music files that have been compiled and edited on a PC, then transferred to the portable device.NOTES: Unauthorized copying of music is strictly prohibited. Not every device is compatible. See more details in Pioneer website. Compatible with USB memory device only. Not compatible with DRM (Digital Rights Management) contents and MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) connection players.
CD-IB100-2FeaturesProduct Origin: Australian Purchased Pioneer StockWarranty: Pioneer Australia 12 Month Warranty.Pioneer CD-IB100-2Product DescriptionAdapter for connection of Apple iPod portable music playersAllows complete control of iPod from Pioneer controlsHideaway unit with all leads suppliedConnectivityOperates with Pioneer P-Bus headunits (post-1994)Retain provision for Changer or other P-Bus modulesUse with all iPod, iPod Mini and iPod nano players with dock connectionConnection to iPod initiates communication and displaysPioneer logo on iPodOnce connected, access to iPod is not requiredAll controls via Pioneer headunitiPod battery is charged through CD-IB100FunctionsPioneer Function menu provides access to iPod menuiPod appears as EXT (External source) on most unitsiPod logo and detailed menu on AVH-P5750DVD (“Expected”)Selections available :• Playlist• Genre• Artist• Album• Song SearchRepeatShufflePauseList Search (“Expected” i.e. AVH-P5750DVD and later screens only)Text InformationAlbumArtistTrackTimeDisplay16 Digit DisplayMultiline (“Expected” only)Source Display
CD-IU200VCD-IU200V USB Interface Cable for iPod (Audio/Video) •Enjoy iPod® Direct Control •Audio & Video compatible •USB & Mini-Plug connection
CD-IU50CD-IU50 USB Interface Cable for iPod (Audio) • Enjoy direct control of your iPod® • Easy and quick connection
Dây kết nối iPod - CD-I200
Dây kết nối iPod - CD-I200Interface Cable for iPod®CD-I200iPod Direct Control CableDirect Connection for your iPod®Fast and easy control of your iPod®Easy connection to compatible Pioneer units

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