EAGLE đèn XENON siêu sáng HID H7

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EAGLE đèn XENON siêu sáng HID H7EAGLEĐèn xenon H1 12000KHID Head light conversionkitÁnh sáng trắng/xanhSpecifications:1) Normal operating input voltage range: 7 - 18V2) Extended operating input voltage range: 6 -...

EAGLE đèn XENON siêu sáng HID H7

Đèn xenon H1 12000K
HID Head light conversionkit
Ánh sáng trắng/xanh

1) Normal operating input voltage range: 7 - 18V
2) Extended operating input voltage range: 6 - 18V
3) Starting input voltage range: 8.5 - 18V
4) Normal output power: 34.5 ± 2W
5) Max. inrush current at 13.5V: 8A
6) Max. inrush current at 13.5V (low power level): 3.2A
7) Efficiency of D1S and ballast at nominal supply: 80%
8) Ballast unit efficiency: 82%
9) Output steady state frequency: 580Hz
10) Temperature range: -40 - 105°C
11) Size (L + W + H): 101 + 74 + 31mm

1) Electricity-saving: only 35W power is needed, which greatly reduces the
load of electrical power system of automobiles and correspondingly
improves automobile performance
2) Safely: in case of accidents, the sensing circuit in the high-voltage unit
can immediately cut off high voltage, to protect personal safety. The
electric wires with high insulation and the design preventing
electromagnetic interference keeps you away from worry
3) Super brightness: the brightness is increased by 300%, so that the lamp
can radiate to higher, wider and farther place, and even can radiate to the
small flowers and stones in wall corners and small ditches by roadside
4) Long life: service life is 3,000 hours, greatly above total hours of an
automobile during normal night
5) Complete range of sizes: different types of bulbs are applicable to all the
types of automobile
6) Easy installation: xenon lamp adapter is inserted into original lamp holes,
and fix the fixing device and connect the power cords and connect power
cable. Now no modification is required for changing existing parts and

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